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How Anyone Can Create a Great Employer Branding Video

How Anyone Can Create a Great Employer Branding VideoEvery day, video becomes more ingrained in our lives. You use video chats to catch up with friends and family. You watch videos online for entertainment. You learn new skills by watching how-to videos. Yet many hiring professionals are still not including videos in their employer branding efforts. This is unfortunate considering how much video can improve your employer brand. Watching a variety of videos gives job seekers a deep understanding of what your organization is like and how it can be a perfect fit for them. Moreover, great branding videos are easy to make even if youre not a filmography expert.If youre wary about recording employer branding videos, weve put together a guide that will help you create great content. By using this checklist, youll know what to do each step of the way so you get videos that recruit top talent.Heres what you need to knowKnow your equipmentThese days, anyone with a cell phone can record and sh are videos instantly. But there are other options. Its important to know what each type of recording device has to offer and whats the right choice for your employer branding strategy.Phones and tabletsOne of the biggest advantages of using your mobile device to record video is the convenience. Theres no extra equipment or costs and you can take them anywhere. This makes these devices particularly handy when recording the following types of employer branding videosFootage from company eventsVirtual tours of the amtsstubeShort, behind-the-scenes peeks at what employees are working onBecause youre holding the phone, these videos can be shakey, so its recommended you buy a phone tripod. Consider sharing these videos on social media to give job seekers a casual, but authentic view of the company culture by uploading videos of whats going on in the workplace. WebcamsThe camera on your laptop or computer is a great option for longer employer branding videos. Since the computer is on a sta ble surface, the footage is steadier. Plus, in most recording programs, the person in front of the camera can see what they look like on the computer screen. This makes them ideal forEmployee testimonialsVideo messages from leadershipIntro and outro videos from you or other important people in video interviewsVideo camerasVideo cameras are great options because they are portable but can also be stabilized on a tripod. If youre creating a video that uses a mix of mobile and stationary footage, a video camera might be your best option. This will ensure all the footage is of the same quality because youre not mixing different types of devices or video files. Consider using a video camera whenYoure planning to edit together different scenes or video filesYou have a professional videographer that knows how to operate itYou need the highest quality videoIf you only plan to create a few employer branding videos, its probably not worth buying a new camera with all the bells and whistles. Th ere is a wide range of quality and costs when it comes to video cameras. Weigh whether the purchase is worth it for your organization or if your format of each video can easily be adjusted to fit the equipment you already possess. Of course, you can also hire a freelancer to record with their own video equipment.Planning the videoCandid videos can be a great part of your employer branding process. But in most cases, you need a game plan before recording a video. This ensures whats said makes an impact and no one rambles off topic. What job seekers can learnA great employer branding video is succinct and memorable. After watching, the job seeker should know something new about your organization and what it means to be an employee there. Just be sure not to overwhelm the viewer with all the positive aspects of your workplace in one video. Create individual videos to showcase things such asCompany cultureMission and valuesEmployee benefitsA day in the life for specific positionsWho wil l be in the videoThis might seem obvious, but often people dont consider all the factors when casting an employer branding video. Anyone who is in the video does more than just represent the organization. They also need to be someone who will speak in a way that resonates with prospective talent. Look for employees whoShowcase the companys diversityHave an appropriate online presenceAre articulate and can speak about the organization in their own wordsHave a great employee story to shareWhere to recordOne of the biggest mistakes novice video creators make is not scouting out the recording location first. While a space might seem great in real life, there could be variables that will ruin an employer branding video. Be conscious ofAmbient noise that might be amplified on videoInconsistent lighting from the sun or through windowsIncreased chance of interruptions from the daily goings-on in the officeAre you a rapidly growing organization? See how video can improve your hiring process here

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Things to Avoid at a New Job - The Muse

Things to Avoid at a New Job - The MuseThings to Avoid at a New Job Sometimes, at a new job, things just click. In no time at all, you feel like part of the gruppe. Youre joking around with your co-workers, chatting casually with your boss, and, overall, feeling pretty comfortable with the way your new office works.But a word to the wise No matter how comfortable you feel or how awesome your new job is, there are certain precautions that all new employees should take- for the sake of your reputation, career advancement, and overall job success. Sure, theyre things you may easily be able to get away with a few months into the role, but for now, its best to play it safe. For the good of your job, dont try to get away with these five things- at least, not yet.1. Griping About Your Previous Job or anfhrerAs you get to know your new colleagues, youll likely end up in conversations about your background- which can easily end up with you telling stories about your terrible previous job and the awful co-workers and boss you had there. Sure, those stories may generate a few laughs- but as a brand new addition to the team, they can also put you in a negative light. Hearing you gripe about your prior colleagues can make your new co-workers see you as a complainer, someone who doesnt value teamwork, and someone who will probably end up talking about your new co-workers behind their backs. In a few months, when people know you, the quality of your work, and your loyalties, you may be able to get away with telling those stories without any repercussions. But for now- when the ink on your offer letter has barely dried- its better to keep things positive. 2. Taking Advantage of a Flexible ScheduleMost reasonable bosses are flexible, and theyll understand if you have to come in late because of an early morning dentist appointment, leave early to take your dog to the vet, or take a long lunch just because. But even if you have the most flexible boss in the world, to some extent, those privileges have to be earned. For your first few weeks on the job, its important to establish a reputation of being a hard worker- which means that unless a conflict is absolutely unavoidable, its best to show up on time (or early), stick around until the rest of the team leaves, and take a reasonable lunch break. After a few weeks, youll have a better idea of how often its OK to take advantage of the flexibility- and since your reputation will have already been established, no one will be left questioning if youre really leaving for a doctors appointment or skipping out early to catch happy hour.3. Using Excess SarcasmYou want your co-workers to get to know the real you, of course. And maybe the real you uses sarcasm or not-so-politically-correct humor to get some laughs.While I certainly advocate being genuine in your interactions with your new team, crude humor and sarcasm can often come across as a bit harsh or even disrespectful. And that wont set a great tone for your c ontributions to the team.My advice? Tone it down for a bit until you have a better grasp on the rest of your teams personalities and senses of humor- and they have a better idea of yours. Then, you can slowly (and appropriately) start working in your real sense of humor. 4. Judging Your Co-workersWhen youre new to the job, you may be tempted to form some judgements right away about certain colleagues- that theyre annoying, disorganized, disloyal, or sloppy. But, while its somewhat unavoidable to make first impressions, those assumptions arent always accurate. After a few months of getting to know your colleagues, youll likely find out that underneath the seemingly sloppy work is a brilliantly creative mind, or that the incessantly chatty co-worker is actually a whiz at presentations. So as difficult as it may be, withhold judgment when youre brand new. Once you have a more firm grasp on your co-workers strengths and personalities, youll be able to make much more firm and accurate de terminations about who you want to work with on certain projects, knowing exactly what to expect from each person. 5. Questioning LeadershipWe often give the advice that you should come into a new job environment armed with suggestions and ready to solve problems- and thats great. The trouble comes when new employees immediately start questioning their bosses or executive leadership decisions without a true understanding of the problem, a valid suggestion for how to make a change, or an understanding of the boss temperament and how he or she will take the suggestion. In other words, theyre simply complaining. To make the most effective suggestions- and eventually, changes- it can be beneficial to really dig into your departments challenges, striving to understand what needs changing, whats been attempted already, and why a change hasnt happened yet. Its also helpful to understand your boss personality and communication preferences, so that you can present suggestions in a way thats most likely to be accepted. Once thats been determined, by all means, question anything and everything. But until then, keep digging.Taking these extra precautions can feel like walking on eggshells. But tread carefully for just a little while, and youll have a much higher gelegenheit for success in the future.Photo of people walking courtesy of Shutterstock.

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Your Invitation to the Honors Assembly

Your Invitation to the Honors Assembly Your Invitation to the Honors Assembly Your Invitation to the Honors AssemblyOct. 20, 2017On Monday, Nov. 6, at 630 p.m., ASME will present its 2017 Honors Assembly held in conjunction with the Societys International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition (IMECE) in Tampa, Fla. This impressive and dramatic audiovisual experience will be one IMECE event you wont want to miss.I am pleased to announce the following recipients to be recognized for their accomplishments at this years Assembly the Melvin R. Green Codes and Standards Medal to Paul D. Edwards the Gustus L. Larson Memorial Award to Evelyn N. Wang the Ralph Coats Roe Medal to Adrian Bejan Honorary Membership to Ramesh K. Agarwal, John Cipolla, and Michael F. Modest the ASME Medal to Zdenek P. Baant and the Hoover Medal to John Staehlin.The Honors Assembly is a free Congress event and everyone is invited to attend.A reception for all the Honors Assembly attendees will be held at 53 0 p.m. preceding the Honors Assembly. During this time, you will have the opportunity to personally meet and congratulate the award recipients, network with colleagues, meet old friends and make new acquaintances.On behalf of the ASME Committee on Honors, I hope you will join us for this special evening.Sincerely,Yildiz BayazitogluChair, ASME Committee on HonorsH.S. Cameron Chair Professor of Mechanical EngineeringProfessor of Materials Science and NanoengineeringRice UniversityHouston, Texas

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Here are 8 signs youre dating a narcissist according to experts

Here are 8 signs youre dating a narcissist according to expertsHere are 8 signs youre dating a narcissist according to expertsConfidence is key to any strong relationship, but theres a significant difference between your partner posting the occasional selfie with the caption FeelingMyself and dating a full-blown narcissist.According to Dr. Craig Malkin, a clinical psychologist and Harvard Medical School professor, narcissism is a personality trait found in all humans to some extent and is derived from the drive to feel special, exceptional or unique. However, narcissism exists on a spectrum, Malkin said, and individuals with severe cases that compromise interpersonal relationships likely have narcissistic personality disorder.Follow Ladders on FlipboardFollow Ladders magazines on Flipboard covering Happiness, Productivity, Job Satisfaction, Neuroscience, and moreNarcissistic Personality Disorder DefinedTheMayo Clinic definesnarcissistic personality disorder as a mental condition in w hich people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, troubled relationships, and a lack of empathy for others. Narcissism can manifest in a variety of ways, many of which can be detrimental to both your significant other - and yourself - and is often used toveil insecurity and poor self-esteem.While narcissistic behavior can be a cry for help, it can also be incredibly damaging to both your relationship and your own well-being. Before you seek out ways to help your partner or decide to call it quits on your romance, its helpful to know if they are actually exhibiting the signs of narcissistic personality disorder.Signs of Narcissistic Personality DisorderHere are signs your partner may be struggling with narcissistic personality disorder1. They dominate conversationsRelationships are a two-way street, but a narcissistic partner will find any possible way to redirect a conversation back to themselves. Rather than listening attentively, theyre prone to cut you off to share their own perspectives or change the subject altogether in order to shift the focus back on them.2. They are obsessed with appearancesNarcissists are focused on appearances in all sense of the word, from physical looks to perceived success. Is your partner constantly staring at themselves in the mirror or distracted by their reflection while strolling past store windows? Are theyobsessively focused on obtaining flashy work titlesand expensive sports cars regardless of if they reallywantthem? You may have a narcissist on your hands.3. They cant take criticismConstructive criticism is a healthy part of personal growth, be it through a performance review or an honest discussion about your relationship. Individuals with narcissistic personality disorder will bristle in the face of criticism, either rejecting and ignoring it altogether, or becoming outwardly angry and hostile. Their elevated sense of self makes it difficult for them to ab sorb suggestions for improvement, and thus theyre significantly less receptive to critical feedback.4. They are empathy impairedMalkin says the key to spotting narcissistic personality disorder is observing the three Es - exploitation, entitlement, and empathy impairment. However, this is different than lacking empathy altogether. Dr. Malkin noted that instead the level of empathy may fluctuate over time, which can be especially challenging in relationships.Itll appear that theyre not motivated, or that they are too preoccupied with their own needs to display empathy, says Malkin. But they have a capacity for empathy and this can make it very confusing if youre in a relationship with them.5. Theyre controllingNarcissists want and demand to be in control, and their sense of entitlement makes it seem logical to them that they should be in control - of everything, wrote Dr. Margalis Fjelstad in anarticle for Mind Body Green. Theymay monitor where youre going, who youre talking to, wh at youre wearing, etc. Everything you do fits into their personal narrative to achieve a perceived sense of perfection.6. They act entitled and constantly seek validationA person with narcissistic personality disorder believes they are owed and deserving of everything, regardless of whether theyve truly earned it. As a result, they will often go out of their way to seek praise, but will rarely reciprocate it.A narcissists need for validation is like a funnel, Fjelstad wrote. You pour in positive, supportive words, and they just flow out the other end and are gone. No matter how much you tell narcissists you love them, admire them, or approve of them, they never feel its enough - because deep down they dont believe anyone can love them.7. Theyre addicted to social mediaIn todays social media obsessed world,it can be hard to determine what constitutes a normal amount of, say, Instagram usage. However, a narcissist may post significantly more than the average user, while fixating on t he number of likes, talking about it incessantly in conversation as part of their need for validation.8. They exhibit signs of substance abuse or other mood disordersSome narcissists may self medicate with alcohol or drugsand show symptoms of addiction, which may tell a larger story of the demons theyre battling. Despite demonstrating outsized ego, a narcissistic partner will in some cases exhibit symptoms of other mood disorders, like depression and anxiety.How You Can HelpSo what do you do if you notice your partner is showing several of these signs? Encourage them to talk to a therapist, who can help them get to the root cause of the narcissistic behavior. A trained mental health professional can also identity ways to reduce narcissism and ultimately help the patient improve their interpersonal relationships.This article originally appeared on Talkspace.You might also enjoyNew neuroscience reveals 4 rituals that will make you happyStrangers know your social class in the first sev en words you say, study finds10 lessons from Benjamin Franklins daily schedule that will double your productivityThe worst mistakes you can make in an interview, according to 12 CEOs10 habits of mentally strong people

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How To Boost Employee Morale And Engagement In Summer

How To Boost Employee Morale And Engagement In SummerHow To Boost Employee Morale And Engagement In SummerHow To Boost Employee Morale And Engagement In Summer Ann HewlettExtreme jobs have become the norm. Every company now faces enormous hurdles, whether its on Wall Street, in the media or in small businesses. Regardless the sector, employees face elements of extremity with unpredictable workloads, large amounts of travel, fast-paced work with tight deadlines and an inordinate scope of responsibility that amounts to more than one job.The summer months require special attention so that employees can take critical time to rest and renew. The slower pace of summer is one of the best times for your top employees to recover from burnout and brown out (mentally checking out while continuing to put in hours) and re-engage at work.Giving employees the chance to have a break, to totally disconnect from the schreibstube, to really have a true vacation without phone calls, is a crucial parte t o maintaining the high level of performance companies expect from their employees.Summer Fridays 2.0The traditional summertime work model has everyone working for the three or two and a half day weekend that is provided by Summer Fridays. Yet few businesses can afford to shut down on Friday afternoons. But warm weather and memories of school summer vacation have even the fruchtwein extreme worker tuning out come Thursday.As an alternative, consider Summer Fridays 2.0 team members rotate their half or full day off to any day of the week. After all, not everyone in the office needs to check out on the same day. Any day can give an employee the time he or she needs to regenerate. Perhaps Monday would be a better day for some employees, while another really needs to swap a Friday for a Thursday. With a little planning and forethought it can happen.One possible positive side effect employees are tremendously empowered by choosing their own day and owning their schedule. Creative flexibil ity will build loyalty and productivity. Particularly now as family vacations are underway, managers can work on a system to help employees coordinate their vacation times effectively to ensure full coverage at the office.The 2.0 model can also serve as a pilot for a broader flexible work schedule. Those teams that are not taking advantage of flex work policies should be encouraged to use it as a test run for remote working and for building a teams competency in covering for one another.Cultivating Camaraderie and LoyaltyWhen it comes to employee engagement, managers have a huge impact on worker satisfaction. Employees report a much greater sense of loyalty to their individual managers and colleagues than they do to their companies or firms. Manager interventions can both build bonds and foster camaraderie.Managers can set a positive tone in the office that generates productivity, camaraderie and loyalty, most often through their own behavior. Here are a few suggestions that can be initiated during the slower summer monthsSchedule gym breaks. Find time for this by coordinating among team members so that clients and projects are always covered. Set up a workout in the park.Take your team out Invite them to lunch (even if everyone brown bags), to a gathering in your home, or to a drink after work. Interactions outside the office help employees step outside the pressures and stresses they are facing and leads to much more honest conversation.Keep communication regular and frequent. Walk around the office more and informally check-in schedule regular team debriefs.Work with your staff so that they and you can make the most of the summer season. Giving employees the flexibility they need to recharge will only take a few hours out of the workweek, and will reap the rewards of healthier employees and better-functioning workplaces. You can start by leading by example.Author BioSylvia Ann Hewlett is an economist and the founding president of the Center for Work-Life Policy (CWLP), a non-profit think tank.

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Sales Director Job Description

schlussverkauf Director Job Descriptionschlussverkauf Director Job DescriptionSales Director Job DescriptionThis sales director sample job description can assist in your creating a job application that will attract job candidates who are qualified for the job. Feel free to revise this job description to meet your specific job duties and job requirements.Sales Director Job ResponsibilitiesSells products by implementing national sales plans supervising regional sales managers.Sales Director Job DutiesDetermines annual unit and gross-profit plans by implementing marketing strategies analyzing trends and results.Establishes sales objectives by forecasting and developing annual sales quotas for regions and territories projecting expected sales volume and profit for existing and new products.Implements national sales programs by developing field sales action plans.Maintains sales volume, product mix, and selling price by keeping current with supply and demand, changing trends, economic ind icators, and competitors.Establishes and adjusts selling prices by monitoring costs, competition, and supply and demand.Completes national sales operational requirements by scheduling and assigning employees following up on work results.Maintains national sales staff by recruiting, selecting, orienting, and training employees.Maintains national sales staff job results by counseling and disciplining employees planning, monitoring, and appraising job results.Maintains professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops reviewing professional publications establishing personal networks participating in professional societies.Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.Sales Director Skills and QualificationsMeeting Sales Goals, Negotiation, Selling to Customer Needs, Motivation for Sales, Sales Planning, Building Relationships, Coaching, Managing Processes, Market Knowledge, Developing Budgets, StaffingEmployers Post a job in minutes to rea ch candidates everywhere. Job Seekers Search Sales Director Jobs and apply on now. Learn more about recruitingVideo Todays Recruiting LandscapeHow to Hire Lifelong LearnersOptimize the Job Title in your Job Description

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All About Include Linkedin on Resume

All About Include Linkedin on Resume Things You Wont Like About Include Linkedin on Resume and Things You Will The LinkedIn URL ought to go in the header along with the remainder of your contact details. To be able to use a resume to compose a CV, it is very important to acquire several examples that possess the relevant specifics. You have the choice to customize you LinkedIn URL. Click the button below for mora info. What social accounts matter once it comes to your resume. Nowadays you dont need to fill in the exact info on hundreds of job applications You are going to realize that there are 3 types of format used generally employed for resumes. Some individuals are employing the option on LinkedIn to create a resume directly from the information included in their profile. Using Include Linkedin on Resume Including a URL to a terrible LinkedIn profile will do more damage than good. If you get an appropriate video or SlideShare presentation that it is possible to enha nce your LinkedIn profile, do it. Dont neglect to update your profiles as needed to guarantee that it stays current. Your LinkedIn profile is among the very first places people will land when theyre searching for information about you and your business. Prospective employers are able to at a glance, visit LinkedIn to find out more about you and your abilities and qualifications. Youre able to ask a reliable friend to proofread your LinkedIn profile so that you dont miss any glaring problems a possible employer might leidice. You might have heard that employers compare resumes and LinkedIn profiles, and youre probably wondering why and what they are interested in finding. You must be able to create the judgment call. The aim of your resume is to highlight your best accomplishments and abilities, as opposed to hurling every bit of information about you at an employer. The sole thing you must remember is to incorporate the information in line with the needs of the employers and hiring managers. There are a lot of circumstances once the omission of a job might actually enhance your resume, normally because it doesnt help to sell you to the employer. A resume should be significantly more focused towards a specific role than your profile. Your profile should incorporate a couple of crowd-pleaser items which will interest a larger audience. Just having a profile isnt enough. A properly executed social media profile on LinkedIn is a significant job-search tool which increases your visibility, but it doesnt guarantee that youll be observed, or seen by the folks having the authority and the urge to employ a professional like you. One of the greatest regions to get resume examples is online, since there are a lot of sites offering templates an individual may download and use. EnhancCV is a terrific, easy-to-use template. The appropriate format ought to be there together with the style of writing. Before you begin, it can be useful to review examples to have ideas for your resumes and letters. The Bizarre Secret of Include Linkedin on Resume In a nutshell, your Twitter profile should display your multifaceted personality thats compelling if youre likely to utilize it like part of your job application. Its far better select your name or as close to your name as youre able to. This list could go on, but it is a terrific starting point. Include Linkedin on Resume Ideas There are a great deal of great on-line courses thatll offer you a very good foundation. For those who have plenty of work experience, its wise to incorporate any expert awards on your resume to emphasize the fact your work was recognized for its excellence in a particular field. The perfect student resume examples wont only provide a summary of a candidates background, but might also describe the things that they have done. Dont hold back in case you have various awards in a particular area or youve achieved something special in a previously-held position ju st like the vacancy. You are able to add the overview of technical skills in your CV to offer clear idea about your current skills. My advice is to take a look at the choices and produce your own approach. Its possible to choose whether youre in a career goals essay public service or services a bit more wiggle room. The accomplishments that you select to grow your resume has to be relevant to the work vacancy youre applying to or relate in some way to the business or specific firm. Facts, Fiction and Include Linkedin on Resume Working for companies without a procedure is likely to make life tough. The path to landing your perfect dream job is achievable and definitely possible especially when you have a great resume on hand. Looking back, it turned into a challenging journeyI had no experience in the area of technology or design. It is vital to show youve got relevant work experience. All work experience does not need to be listed if it doesnt deal with the skills requi red for the career change. It is simpler than you might think to compose a superb administrative resume that could allow you to find the job of your dreams. Employers are usually only interested in the previous five to ten decades of your work history. They want to know that you are reachable at any time, not just when youre at home. Resume is being regarded as an effective tool to advertise oneself for a specific job prospect. The aim of your resume is to sell you to prospective employers and this is definitely the most important issue to bear in mind.